UZH Alumni Washington

Kickoff Meeting, 7. Mai 2015


Number of members 64
Foundation 2015
Co-Chairs Armando Geller, Marianne Hägeli, Edom Meshesha und Claudia Pereira, Angela Wall
Contact Angela Wall, Marianne Hägeli
Next events

January 24th, 2019

Happy Hour at the Stable


February 27th, 2019

Event TBD; Raclette Evening, Dinner, or Apéro

Embassy Residence

Special event for UZH Alumni & Friends, last event to be hosted by Ambassador Dahinden

Past events

November 8th, 2018

Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company

Embassy Residence - UZH Alumni invited to join


September 27th, 2018

Happy Hour at the Stable


August 23rd, 2018
Happy Hour at the Stable


June 28, 2018
UZH Alumni & Friends Happy Hour

UZH Alumni and Friends Washington
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8 June, 2017

Swiss Residence in Washington DC, Theme: Unspunnen Festival,

  11 March, 2017

Alumni evening featuring fellow alums: a glimpse into their work and careers

  1 December, 2016
With Jason Moran, an American jazz pianist, composer and educator
  27 September, 2016
2nd UZH alumni and friends evening at the Swiss Residence

2 June, 2016
Summer evening at the Swiss Residence


7 May, 2015
Kickoff Meeting, W Hotel Rooftop Bar Washington D.C.

  Concert at the Swiss Residence, Dec 10, 2015
  23 July, 2015, UZH Alumni Chapter Inauguration Event
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