Facts & Figures

The UZH Alumni umbrella organization offers services and discounts, holds events, and acts as a source of support to the University of Zurich.

UZH Alumni is composed of 26 alumni organizations from the faculties, student associations, and courses of continuing education, and from the Association of Retired UZH Staff.

Since the merger with the Alumni Association of the University of Zurich (ZUNIV), alumni can also directly become members of the UZH Alumni umbrella organization - and thus maintain relations with their alma mater.

16 chapters bring like-minded people together - based on interest, student association, or international background. Chapter members are also individual members of UZH Alumni.


In Numbers:

26 organizations

Over 17,000 members

13 international chapters

1000 registered international alumni

8 UZH Alumni events a year

Around 150 events a year from alumni organizations

Some 100 special offers

CHF 417,000 funding for research and projects (2016)