Commitment to UZH



In Support of Our Alma Mater

UZH Alumni displays its commitment in a number of ways. Five times a year we allocate funding from the Alumni Fund to finance academic publications, conferences, and events. We also sponsor sporting, cultural, and social projects - a practice that goes back over 130 years!

Top-tier research cannot be achieved without financial backing. For this reason, the Research Talent Development Fund (FAN), which belongs to UZH Alumni, has been awarding scholarships and research funding to high potentials every year since 1998.

In our 19 academic guest apartments, academics from all over the world find affordable accommodation to rent during their stay in Zurich.

The credo of the 26 alumni organizations and 13 chapters of the University of Zurich is to develop their own student association and support junior academics. As a result, they have created a range of valuable prizes and mentoring projects - benefiting both their alma mater and their disciplines.

Personal commitment also counts. Acting as ambassadors of the University of Zurich, alumni contribute to the high standing of the institution. While you were a student, you benefited from the University: Expressing your bond to the University is a chance for you to give something back.

On important occasions, it is a tradition that UZH Alumni presents the University of Zurich with a substantial gift. In 2008, to mark the 175th jubilee, they financed the Welcome Desk located at the entrance; in 1983, for the 150th jubilee, the Fund for Academic Guest Accommodation was set up; in 1914 they presented the University with the sculptures in front of the main entrance (see image); and 100 years later, in 2014, the association enabled the splendid restoration of the Bodmer murals for the anniversary of the main building.